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55 Iconic Fashion Trends From the 2010s

Though we're in a new decade now, the evolution of fashion in the 2010s remains fascinating to look back on. Perhaps mostly defined by the rise and dominance of streetwear and sneakers, the trends and styles of the last decade have simultaneously upcycled the past and looked forward, toward an even more innovative future, both on and off the runway. They weren't all winners, but they all had their moment; here are 55 of the biggest fashion trends of the 2010s.


The word “athleisure” is a little cringey, and arguably moot in 2020, considering how ingrained the train has become in mainstream fashion. But no one can deny the impact of elevated loungewear in the 2010s.


Technically, neutrals never go out of style, but Kanye's first collections under Adidas popularized all beige everything, with splashes of gray, olive green, black, and white mixed in. And that's to say nothing of the overall aesthetic: minimalist and militant. Though the brand has of course evolved over the years, you'll still see fast fashion knock-offs of these looks today.


Supreme will celebrate its 26th birthday this year, but the 2010s were a particularly special time for the beloved skate brand, arguably peaking with the 2017 Louis Vuitton collab. The brand's designs, as well as its short runs of products and high resale value, made its garments among the most coveted of the last decade.

Yeezy 350 Boost

The sneaker that launched a thousand knock-offs. The best-selling model is showing no signs of slowing down, either.


Virgil Abloh became a household name, as did his brand, Off-White. Never underestimate the power of a quotation mark.

The dad shoe

In a decade defined by sneakers, the dad shoe took over, in hundreds of different iterations. Chunky, cushion-y, and in some cases, hideous, dad shoes are the closest most of us will get to becoming the Larry David or Jerry Seinfeld of our time.

‘Astroworld’ merch

As anyone even remotely tapped into the world of music knows, Astroworld was so much more than just an album. The concurrent “Wish You Were Here” tour, and Astroworld festival, introduced the world to seemingly endless pieces of merch, with varying levels of exclusivity. The psychedelic, theme park-inspired T-shirts and hoodies were inescapable, and are still being worn to death nearly two years later.


There's a reason why we got a hit song called “Gucci Gang” (and about a million other musical references to the iconic brand) in the 2010s. From accessories like bags, belts, and sunglasses to footwear, coats, and everyday clothing, Gucci was the luxury brand of the decade, its status elevated significantly by the hip-hop community and its partnership with the renowned Dapper Dan.


One of many '90s trends brought back in the 2010s, normcore—more or less dressing like Steve Jobs— was a hit in the 2010s. The aesthetic, emphasizing authenticity and simplicity, is the fashion embodiment of minimalism, which was huge across all industries last decade.