While most people may know John Mayer as a sort of pop rock, post-Dave Matthews Band lothario, in recent years the artist has put aside his self-injuring motor mouth in favor of the thing that got him famous in the first place, his guitar. In fact, for 2011 Mayer was sidelined with a vocal condition that left him literally mute for almost a year, forcing him to hit the literal and proverbial “pause button” on his life and career. So, like all rich people, dude bought a billion acre ranch in Montana and chilled out for a hot second, probably drinking wild amounts of whiskey and pondering the universe in a way that only someone who dated Taylor Swift's insufferable ass can.

When he re-emerged into both the spotlight and studio, he not only had a more mature head on his shoulders, but physically looked different. His hair was longer and his clothes were steezier. And by steezier, we mean they were literally all fucking visvim. From his shoes to his jewelery to his jackets, it was clear that Mr. Mayer had stumbled upon the heralded label and fallen head first into its glorious vortex, likely by way of an Eric Clapton endorsement.

Honestly, we kinda hate how a guy like John can simply and without second though buy all this shit we love, but can’t even remotely afford. Then again, he's pretty much nailed the visvim look, not to mention publicly showed his support for now friend Hiroki Nakamura. He convincingly seems, in some sense, to truly “get it”.

But all this vis talk has us wondering: How much does dude actually own? If we scour the Internet and survey its darkest corners, how much can we learn about one man’s collection of clothing from a single, brand? Granted, it’s possible Mayer is getting a discount given his A-list status and his relationship with Hiroki, but we want to know how much this shit is worth in the streets. We did our best to take inventory of John Mayer’s visvim collection and put a price tag on all of it.