50 Photos of the Coolest Places on Earth

Photographers around the world train their lenses stunning images of places that look too good to be true, capturing the earth in all its beauty. There is a whole sub-Reddit for people who can't get enough of these travel shots aptly called Earth Porn, and sometimes it seems that Flickr's whole existence relies on beautiful sunsets, sweeping vistas, and sublime mountain ranges. From the Taj Mahal to the Grand Canyon to corners of the earth you've never heard of, we gathered epic nature images from photographers around the world. Here are 50 Photos of the Coolest Places on Earth, inspiring enough to make you buy a plane ticket across the globe.

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50. Lake Louise, Banff National Park

Photographer: Pierre Leclerc
Location: Alberta, Canada

49. Farafra

Photographer: Arslan Zahid
Location: Egypt

48. Sunken Boat

Photographer: Mohammed Mudasreen
Location: Unknown

47. Phi Phi Islands

Photographer: Boiworx
Location: Thailand

46. Ascona

Photographer: Christian Merk
Location: Switzerland

45. Tay River

Photographer: Badz Manaois
Location: Vietnam

44. Mount Bromo

Photographer: Luca Rossi
Location: Indonesia

43. Sedona

Photographer: Buffalo Fawn
Location: Arizona

42. Kongsfjord and Kongsbreen Glaciers

Photographer: Daniele Ceccato
Location: Norway

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