The soccer club Paris Saint-Germain and luxury fashion brand Dior have just agreed on a new deal that will see the company design the team’s off-field wardrobe for the next two years.

With the news of the deal came a promotional video that shows the team being fitted in their tailor-made suits and showing off other formal pieces that Dior will be providing them. Throughout the fitting, different team members also talked about their varying senses of style and how they think looking good helps you feel good as well.

“The formal outfit pairs a cashmere coat, a jacket, a shirt and pants, and a pair of black leather Dior timeless captoe derbies,” Dior said of the formal outfits they put together for the team. “The pieces are enhanced by other subtle details, reflecting Dior’s savoir-faire excellence.” 

One of said minor details that several teammates pointed out when they were trying things on was the PSG logo subtly imprinted on different pieces. Along with the formal wear, Dior also designed casual pieces that players like Neymar wear on the pitch in the video.

Image via Dior
Image via Dior

Early sketches of the Dior-designed wardrobe show the wide variety of wearable looks on and off the field. The casual pieces include a Harrington jacket, knitted sweater, and a polo shirt that all have “Paris Saint-Germain” embroidered on them as well.

News of the new collaboration between Dior and PSG come just a few weeks after news broke that the club would be acquiring Lionel Messi, making them heavy favorites in the Champions League.

Watch PSG try on their custom Dior fits up top.