To Jeniece Blanchet, JÉBLANC is more than just a jewelry brand. Beyond the crystals, glass beads, and mixed metal wiring, she sees it as a way to connect with those wearing her pieces, and offer them a means of channeling their own sensuality and confidence. 

“I love the word sexy, and I just want to make people feel sexy,” Blanchet says over the phone from her home in Los Angeles. “I feel like everyone has a bit of romance and sexy about them, and I’ve always wanted to bring that out naturally just for who they are.”

If you’ve been keeping up with the brand, it’s clear she’s achieving this goal. Originally from Atlanta, Blanchet started her career working in retail and began designing by reworking clothing and selling pieces to her friends. She then moved to Los Angeles and found jobs that aligned more with her creative vision, like working with a multimedia artist while also styling on the side. Soon after, Blanchet transitioned to creating jewelry pieces, and eventually took the plunge and founded JÉBLANC, one of Complex’s emerging brands being highlighted at our “Brands to Watch’’ activation at ComplexLand (June 16-18).