I saw you recently posted a photo about back in like 2013, 2014 all the kids were dressing just like you. You’ve had such an influence on the generation that’s come up after you musically and how they dress. What is it like to see how influential you’ve been to so many people?
I love it. At first, I didn’t really like that kinda stuff. But I just had to grow and think like, it means a lot that people dress like me and got influenced like that. Somebody influenced me too. Lil Wayne, Gucci [Mane], they influenced me. So, it’s crazy for me to be influencing people how I was influenced by those people. I really do got a lot of influence. I think about it every day. I see it every day too. It’s crazy, man. And it’s like 11,12 years later too. That’s what makes it way more crazy ‘cause it’s still going on to this day. 

That photo was funny. To this day, there’s still people that rock True Religions because of you.
To this day. I was just on YouTube, just scrolling around. Somehow I landed on some little kid’s video, this white kid, right? The first video, you would not know. You would just think, “OK. He’s just one of those little kids that makes weird music.” We go to the next music video, Oh my God. He sound like the old me. It seemed like he was stuck in 2013. It’s crazy. But he sounded like 2012, 2013 Chief Keef. And he wearin the same True Religion fits, how I used to dress. His whole squad, like six white kids. They all dressing how I used to, rapping how I used to, it is crazy. And it’s brand new, like this year. [Laughs.] They still wearing the same fits. The jean jackets, the baseball shirts, the jeans, it’s crazy, man. Still to this day.