Post Malone is another pop star who tows the line between rap and rock. Both genres’ influences are on full display in his music, but Posty takes it a step further with his image. If his tattoo-covered face wasn’t enough, Post also usually can be seen with his nails painted. He usually opts for something more simplistic, like an all-black look, but occasionally has been seen rocking brighter colors like yellow as well. While he often has his nails painted, Post isn’t someone necessarily worried about them always looking pristine. In plenty of cases, the polish is chipped and half removed. But it all kind of fits with his grungier aesthetic. It’s clear that Kurt Cobain has a large influence on Post and his style. He even has multiple tattoos of the grunge legend on his body. He livestreamed a Nirvana tribute show back in 2020 and re-created Cobain’s iconic floral dress look as well. We’ve seen the pop star expand his portfolio with his own wine brand and popular Crocs collaborations in the past. Is a nail polish line of his own the next step? Only time will tell.—Michael DeStefano