Calvin Klein has been known to partner with big-named talent for their various campaigns, and this time the brand has tapped Vince Staples, Solange, Burna Boy, and more to reveal their Spring 2022 collection.

Including a variety of apparel and underwear pieces, the talent is shown rocking the new collection in several different locations, including the ocean, concrete streets, serene plains, and more. Calvin describes this campaign as a way for “real people [to] come together in authentic acts of togetherness, taking over city streets, front lawns and open landscapes,” the press release reads. “A campaign that’s all about connection, unified through Calvin Klein styles.”

Also included in the Spring 22 campaign is Dominic Fike, the latest star in the massively popular HBO show EuphoriaFike plays Euphoria newcomer Elliot who acts as a love interest to one of the main characters, Jules, and also is a friend to Rue. Fike is pictured leading a band of skateboarders down a block, all rocking Calvins, and also in other black and white shots. Staples is pictured similarly, standing amongst a handful of the more than 120 people cast by director Melina Matsoukas. Included in the Spring 22 collection are different denim pieces, plain white tees, jackets, and underwear in multiple tones and colors.

Calvin Klein’s Spring 22 collection is available right now on their website. Check out some more images of Vince Staples, Solange, Burna Boy, Dominic Fike, and more sporting the pieces down below.

calvin klein x dominic fike
Image via Publicist
calvin klein x solange knowles
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calvin klein x burna boy
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