Welcome to Brand To Watch, a new bi-weekly style column from COMPLEX UK. Here, we’ll be spotlighting the best emerging brands out of the UK, asking them what makes them stand out from the crowd, how they’ve navigated through unprecedented times and determining their vision of fashion and the future.

Having been thrown into the clothing game full throttle after the likes of A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti and Quavo donned his eye-catching rap tees back in 2016, the vision has steadily been getting clearer for London-based designer Marino Morwood. From what started as a simple idea from playing around on Photoshop in spring 2016, Marino’s designs were quick to get co-signs from some of the biggest rappers in the world.

Since then, Marino has been levelling up his bootleg designs, which pack plenty of late ‘90s/early noughties nostalgia for the win. Whether it’s Chief Keef or Steve Jobs, his work celebrates today’s icons with a real, tangible authenticity. After utilising his full creative freedom and gaining more and more resources to support his ideas, Marino continued to make creations that he would want to wear himself, with each design seemingly going down better than the last.

Following the buzz of his own named brand—a limited run of 8 tees became 30, then 30 became 80—Marino’s confidence, and vision, grew. In 2019, Cetra Visions was born, a brand that is a full extension of what Marino’s ethos is in a fully-fledged imprint. 

With a host of drops now under his belt, we caught up with Marino Morwood to talk Cetra Vision and his plans to inspire the youth to do what they to want in life, unapologetically.