While 6ix9ine may have been trolling Blueface over getting his jeweler’s name tattooed on his head last week, said jeweler claims 6ix9ine hasn’t been a customer and won’t be one any time soon.

Last week, Blueface requested some pretty large ink on his dome, reading “NYC Luxury.” It follows other tats the rapper has had inked on his head—like the Corvette logo—but for some reason, this one made 6ix9ine want to poke fun at the MC. 

As it turns out, according to NYC Luxury CEO Gavriel D., 6ix9ine is not on the company’s customer rotation. 

“He just loves our brand, bro,” Gavriel told TMZ of Blueface’s tattoo decision. “Fuck Tekashi. Tekashi tries to call us to buy jewlery, we do not sell to Tekashi. Shoutout Blueface. Blueface did not owe us money, he just loves the brand.”

Gavriel’s response comes after 6ix9ine told Blueface in an Instagram comment last week that “he definitely owed them money for unpayed [sic] jewelry,” to which Blueface responded that 6ix9ine was trying “hard to stay relevant.”

As previously reported, 6ix9ine then clapped back with an elaborate Instagram skit where he pretended he didn’t have the money for a piece and had to get the company name tatted on his head. The skit led to an even longer back-and-forth, where Blueface took to Twitter to call 6ix9ine a “snitch” who reported all his posts for bullying. 

And as Blueface wrote on Twitter yesterday, he thinks 6ix9ine “took his first L” at trolling the rapper.