September has come and gone. Like mother nature, some of our favorite celebrities also decided to turn down the temperatures. The ice they have pulled out over the past month has been on point.

Last month was a great one for jewelry. While some of us were deciding if it was worth buying another Telfar bag, many of our favorite celebs were balling out on the finest grills, chains, rings, and belts that money could buy. No need to delve into how much these pieces probably cost. We know they would certainly hurt our wallets. Instead, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship behind this great jewelry.

ASAP Rocky linked up with Alex Moss to customize an iconic luxury accessory. Ken Carson and Destroy Lonely came together to bless Playboi Carti with a piece that lives up to Carti’s King Vamp nickname. Lil Uzi Vert hit up a beloved Houston jeweler to flash a fresh new smile at Rolling Loud. Meanwhile, Drake and Nav went all out on special pieces from Eliantte and Jason of Beverly Hills. 

Check out some of the biggest celebrity jewelry purchases from September, below.