The holidays are always a great time to get together and remember what we’re thankful for. But if you’re a celebrity that’s raking in seven figures, it’s also a great time to use that hard earned dough to craft some insane jewelry pieces. While most of us are scrimping and saving for gifts to send to our loved ones, celebs are still ballin’ out on bling, ice, grills, and more. This November, some of our favorite celebs went all out on their jewelry purchases. 

Post Malone copped himself a pinky ring for half a million. Verdy pulled up to ComplexCon with a special chain commemorating one of his most iconic characters. And Tee Grizzley even copped a chain last month with an iced out message on the back addressed to anyone attempting to snatch it. Take a closer look at some of the biggest celebrity jewelry purchases from November 2022 below.