Beyoncé and Balmain have collaborated on a couture collection based on the singer’s Renaissance album.

Queen Bee shared the announcement on Instagram, writing, “Thank you @olivier_rousteing and @balmain for bringing RENAISSANCE to life in couture. Designing alongside you was freeing—thank you for allowing me to celebrate the human form, to take artistic risks, to push boundaries and to freely express myself.”

Vogue France broke the news in an interview with Olivier Rousteing about his inspiration behind the collaboration. “I was sketching and sketching as I listened [to Renaissance], and sometimes you can’t control the emotion of your sketch,” he explained. “And I started to imagine the sketches inside her album, how they would relate to the songs and the lyrics—it wasn’t something I was supposed to be doing but I was just inspired by the music to do it. And that’s how this started.”

“My hope was that she would be up for something even beyond the work we have done together before,” he added. “I wanted us to be co-designers.” 

Bey was down for the collab. “I can’t help but be thrilled by the history-making aspects of this collaboration,” Rousteing said. “This appears to be the first time that a Black woman has overseen the couture offering from a historic Parisian house. And those designs were created in partnership with the first Black man to ever oversee all the collections at a historic Parisian house.

Fans have already seen two of the looks that the pair crafted together, at the Grammys and BRIT Awards. Beyoncé and Rousteing created a total of 17 looks for the collection, each corresponding with a song from Renaissance.

The Balmain collab news comes on the heels of Beyoncé and Adidas reportedly ending their partnership