As usual, attendees came out in their very best outfits when attending ComplexCon this year. Naturally, the first ComplexCon to ever be hosted by Verdy attracted a crowd of fashion enthusiasts who were ready to buy drops from Japanese labels like Undercover, Human Made, Girls Don’t Cry, and more. While panels featuring Clipse and Jim Jones temporarily kept attendees off the shopping floor, there were plenty of exciting moments going on at various booths throughout the event. Vince Staples made a surprise appearance at Superplastic. Vandy The Pink built his own fast food restaurant to sell merch. And Awake NY invited Earsnot of the IRAK crew to paint their entire booth.  

Of course, we had to stop some of the most stylish ComplexCon attendees to break down their outfits for us. Here, they detail what they wore and share their thoughts about the first half of ComplexCon 2022.