Earth Day might come just once a year every April 22nd but the planet needs our attention all year long. That’s why it’s critical that consumers who care about the environment have options. While most people might think about the auto and fashion industries when it comes to conversations around sustainability, there are countless brands pushing to minimize their carbon footprint and help customers make smarter choices about our collective future. 

Bulldog Skincare is a prime example of a company that believes in helping its consumers look good while actually doing good. Committed to sustainability and providing ethical options, the brand features a wide array of men’s grooming and skincare products with added natural ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, willow herb, and a host of essential oils. Never tested on animals, all of Bulldog’s products are certified cruelty-free and have never contained plastic microbeads, synthetic fragrances, or artificial colors, which means you never have to worry about sacrificing quality and efficacy when making sustainable choices.

Bulldog’s efforts around sustainability don’t stop with product ingredients and formulations. That same eco-friendly consciousness also extends to how its line is packaged. All of their moisturizers, face washes, face scrubs, and shave gels exclusively use sugarcane packaging that’s an environmentally-friendly alternative to the petroleum-based tubes most other brands offer. Available in four distinct fragrances that are 100% natural, all of Bulldog’s body washes come in sustainably packed amber bottles that are made from 100% recycled plastic. 

For those looking to get a clean shave without creating plastic waste, Bulldog’s razors are a perfect solution. Unlike most razors on the market that wind up in landfills, Bulldog’s have handles made from natural bamboo that come with replaceable tempered steel blades featuring a lubricated strip of aloe for an ultra smooth shave.  

With Earth Day right around the corner, now’s a good time as any to start making more green-positive purchases—even with something as simple as your grooming essentials. To help get you going in the right direction we’ve gathered a few choice items from Bulldog that’ll allow you to protect the planet and your glow at the same time.