What is there to say about Gucci that hasn’t already been said as the Italian label continues to exert its dominance in luxury menswear? Well, a lot, actually. Complex’s best men’s style brand of 2016 has enjoyed another banner year being worn by what seems like every celebrity—from Victor Cruz at a black tie gala to 21 Savage at a grocery store—and smashing sales records in the process. But the brand also showed a willingness to at least try to course correct in the face of controversies it encounters (or creates). They’ve dumped fur from their collections and popular kangaroo fur loafers, a major win for animal rights activists and a major blow for Gucci-mink-loving Conor McGregor. Gucci also made amends with Harlem legend Dapper Dan after they were accused of knocking off one of his designer knock-offs, spurring on not only a conversation about intellectual property, but also about the ways in which fashion as an industry appropriates, erases, and discredits people of color under the guise of “paying homage.” Gucci and Dapper Dan have now entered into a partnership to resurrect Dan’s atelier and he’s starred in a Gucci campaign. Could you write these pivots off as a brand back-tracking after the masses raise their voices? Definitely. But at least Gucci, amidst their skyrocketing success, takes a moment to listen to cultural critics—which remains, unfortunately, a notable trait in fashion in 2017. —Steve Dool