ASAP Rocky’s creative agency AWGE has just dropped seven new merch items that will be on sale on 4/20 only.

To celebrate the holiday centered around marijuana, AWGE’s collection, dubbed “AWGE 42021,” consists of several unique weed-themed items, including a “stone smirked” tee, “stoned pocket tee,” a coach jacket, and more. Each of the items has something associated with weed on it, from marijuana leaves to “4/20” scribed somewhere on the piece. There’s even an AWGE ashtray.

Along with the collection, Rocky also revealed that he would be joining a 4/20 virtual celebration later today.

“JOIN ME @ #EvenHigherTogether WIT @weedmaps TODAY @ 1PM PDT,” Rocky posted to his page. Weedmaps is a platform that acts as a resource to help others find cannabis companies to shop from. Wiz Khalifa & Taylor Gang will also be joining Weedmaps on 4/20 to host a cypher.

Rocky has also been busy on the NFT front. The rapper will be dropping his first non-fungible token tomorrow and those who purchase it will also be entered into a raffle to win one of the vehicles from his Injured Generation Tour or a chance to sit in the studio with Rocky and listen to his upcoming studio album.

Check out AWGE’s 4/20-themed collection, only available today, here.