The story behind a high school varsity jacket ASAP Rocky was recently pictured wearing is coming into focus.

In paparazzi shots (see below) alongside Rihanna earlier this week, Rocky was spotted rocking what was later determined to indeed be a soccer varsity jacket from St. John Vianney High School in Holmdel, New Jersey.

Naturally, fans swiftly expressed curiosity regarding the journey of the jacket, which—as pointed out in an report on Wednesday—was initially speculated to have landed at an unknown thrift store before eventually ending up with Rocky. That report cited a @deuxmoi tip claiming that a student and soccer player from 2003 gave it to an unnamed thrift shop. Later, again according to @deuxmoi, a woman identified only as Tara said the jacket worn by Rocky “appears to be mine” and also disputed the thrift shop claim.

In a subsequent interview with the Asbury Park Press, the 2003 grad—identified as Tara Driscoll—expressed interest in being reunited with the jacket she says she previously owned. “I was thinking of how I could reach out to them and ask for it back,” Driscoll, 37, told the regional outlet. “But I figured he’d never give it back.”

According to Driscoll, she had simply “lost track” of the jacket. Meanwhile, details of the jacket worn by Rocky (i.e. the player number and partially visible letters) are said to further link it to Driscoll. “I definitely did not donate or give it away,” Driscoll, who also pointed out that her children consider the whole situation “pretty amazing,” told the Press on Wednesday.

Complex has reached out to a rep for Rocky for comment on how he wound up with the jacket pictured above.

Rocky, sans the jacket in question, was spotted earlier this week in the studio with the artist formerly known as Kanye West. Footage from the link-up was shared by Tracey Mills, although the sound had (understandably) been muted. At any rate, revisit the widely shared clip below.