Everlane is great by their business model alone. Yes, they're coming with great quality clothing and a transparent production model, but still set prices that seem like they were set by a fast fashion chain. Not everything is made in America, but Everlane is wide open about the factories where their clothes come from—be it in L.A. or Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. All said, it's not as if you're putting money down on a T-shirt handmade in Portugal like you'd see for a brand with luxury connotations, but it's definitely more luxurious than something you'd buy at Zara—while maintaining the same price point.

If anything, while fast fashion brands have a notorious reputation for their lackluster quality, they're also producing everything from belts to outerwear, which makes them an excellent choice when you need something that looks good in a pinch. But something like Everlane succeeds by keeping much of the excess—be it in product or in distribution—out of the equation. Transparency, middle-fashion quality, with a fast fashion price tag? We'd say that's a good deal.