Off-White Reportedly Taking Legal Action Over Quotation Marks and Red Zip Ties

Off-White is known for its use of the simple but very effective design elements, and that notoriety serves as the basis for its legal argument.

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When you see a word in quotation marks or an attached red zip tie on a piece of apparel, you likely have at least a passing thought about Off-White. Both simple but recognizable design elements are key in the brand's presentation, with legal action reportedly now being taken against others for attempting to incorporate those looks into their own products.

The most recent instance of this, as detailed by The Fashion Law, sees Off-White's legal team taking aim in federal court at Rastaclat for its red tie-assisted bracelets and the use of quotation marks around "shoelaces." Additionally, Off-White argues, Rastaclat is selling the bracelets—which directly nod to the brand with names like Off-Clat—for $18 at Zumiez and other retailers.


"Retailers, retail buyers, consumers, and members of the public have become familiar with Off-White products and Off-White marks and associate [these things] exclusively with Off-White," the brand's legal team argued in the complaint, filed Monday in Los Angeles. Founded in 2012 by Virgil Abloh, Off-White believes the offending bracelets represent a violation of its "exclusives rights" to both design elements. The report also notes that while Off-White references common law trademark in its arguments, the brand doesn't presently possess federal registrations for either.

A trademark application regarding the red zip tie has been pending since July of last year. In the Rastaclat case, Off-White specifically argues that the bracelets constitute trademark infringement, unfair competition, and false designation of origin. Per the report, Off-White has also recently taken action against other companies for similar alleged infringements.

Catch a look at the bracelets in question below. At the time of this writing, online listings for the bracelet were still searchable, with a quick Amazon search showing an added layer of confusion: the availability of fake Rastaclat bracelets.

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