These Bedside Lamps Get the "Toy Story" Treatment and Bring Life to Your Nightstands

With a pair of walking legs, these lamps look more like bedside companions rather than furniture.

Image via Design Boom

Bedside lamps come to life in South Korean design studio Rising's Lamp Identity. The designers behind this playful lamp decided to put a "Toy Story"-like twist on the typical table light, attaching two little legs to a white lamp shade. The metal legs make it appear as if the lamp were actually standing up, and they can also be adjusted into a walking position.

Though the design itself is fairly minimal and simplistic, the concept is quite funny. It also adds a bit of fun and imagination to those who wake up at the crack of dawn and live the nine-to-five life. If only these lamps could actually wander off our nightstands so we never had to get up in the morning. 

[via DesignBoom]

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