5 New Drops Available at ComplexCon Day 2

Fresh, new merch has hit the ComplexCon floor for Day 2.

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You didn't think we would bring you back for Day 2 of ComplexCon without dropping some new exclusive drops to buy, did you? Here are five items that weren't available to purchase yesterday, but are ready for you to shop all day today (while they last). And here's a pro-tip: There's a lot more where this came from.

Anti Social Social Club

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1 of 1 leather biker jacket, hand-painted by artist Luke Vicious.

Leather jacket, $725

OWSLA at ComplexCon


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In addition to the raffle for their Nike collab, VLONE is offering leather track pants and a long-sleeve T-shirt.

Leather pants, $800; T-shirt, $175

Anti Social Social Club at ComplexCon

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