Here are All the Looks From Yeezy Season 3

Let's talk about the clothes

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The 18,000+ attendee fashion show/album listening party that Kanye West hosted at Madison Square Garden was something else. An enormous spectacle put on in one of New York City's most historic locations that crashed together lovers of his music and his fashion sense in one broad, swooping, almost emperor-esque appearance. There are only a handful of people that can hold our attention like that, and Kanye is one of them. 

In the end, the world cares more about the music than the clothes. After all, most of the population still knows Kanye as a musician before even thinking about his clothes or sneakers. So, as you'd expect, the clothing played second fiddle to the The Life of Pablo listening that accompanied it. But let's mention the clothes. The military-inspired oversized gear was still there, as were the skin-tight, athletic-inspired bodysuits and the much-maligned distressed sweaters that were among the most overpriced pieces in Season 1. In that regard, things felt pretty much in line with the first two Yeezy Season collections. As did the platoon of young, diverse cast of models that included Young Thug choreographed yet again by Vanessa Beecroft—though this time they were literally on pedestals in front of thousands of screaming onlookers. What was different this time were the touches of color and pattern. Deep reds, orange, cyan, puce and yellow made appearances in doses, adding a bit of color that Kanye's previous efforts lacked. The new footwear was there as well including 350 Boosts with a stripe of color and new, even more diesel boots dubbed the 1050.

Kanye mentioned that he still wants to lower the prices so everyone can get their hands on his clothing eventually. Considering that Season 2 still hasn't hit stores—looks like that will come around mid-March—we'll have to wait and see if those prices get lower like he insists they will. In any case, it's a new year and we now have a new Kanye-related collection to wait for. Just more of the same for 2016. 


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