Rick Ross' Enormous House Comes With Just As Enormous Closets

The Teflon Don's closet is not to be messed with

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Rick Ross' Atlanta home has 109 rooms. I really don't know what else I need to say. That is an enormous house for an enormous—but significantly slimmed down as of late—man. As you might imagine, his closet space is bigger than most of our apartments and they're filled with enough valuable gear that Ross could probably use them as currency to buy yet another exceedingly large home. 

But that's not really surprising is it? The Teflon Don has always been one to go a little bit over the top with things and his closet set up is no different. The Coveteur found that out firsthand as they toured Ross's home. Aside from the lengthy sneaker walls, that are filled to the brim with rare sneakers, there are also tons of Versace sweaters, adidas tracksuits, MMG-branded gear, collectible works of art from the likes of Basquiat, all that Belaire rosé that Rozay proudly displays on his Snapchat and much more, Ross's home isn't one to miss.

Take a look at a few photos below and get a full tour over at The Coveteur.

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