Golf Wang Has the Filthiest Parody Sweatshirt of the Season

Would you expect any different?

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Tyler, the Creator is never one to hold back how he feels, even if it's at another's expense. His Odd Future label, which has flipped into a full-on brand, Golf Wang, has released its fall/winter 2013 collection, and is rife with pokes at pop culture and clothes skater kids, such as himself, would love to wear.

The most blatant poke in the collection is a parody of Gap's well-known logo, but it features the word "Fap." If masturbation jokes aren't your thing, the line still includes corduroy snapbacks, baseball T-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, and more.

There are even a few pieces that reference cultural stereotypes such as a minstrel character and a Native American headdress—but on a cat. Tyler was seen with the minstrel piece as he was hanging with MF DOOM. Which is interesting, because the use of a similar character led DOOM, then Zev Love X and member of KMD, to go into recluse from his budding rap career, after the label decided to shelved his album due to the insensitive artwork.

Times have changed, and Tyler, even with all of his criticism, is able to do what he wants. So if you want to make a statement, or just wear something bright, the collection is now available here


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