"The Murray Affair" Is an Art Show Dedicated Entirely to Bill Murray

Coming in August, "The Murray Affair" is an art show all about Bill Murray.

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After the surprising success of his art show dedicated entirely to Nicholas Cage, quirky curator Ezra Croft is back with what he hopes will be another tongue-in-cheek blockbuster. This time he's asked artists to channel the great Bill Murray.

"The Murray Affair" will be a one-night-only art show in San Francisco on Aug. 8. Dedicated entirely to the comedian, Ezra hopes this exhibition will be even bigger than his Nicolas Cage homage. He's rented a larger space and has a guerrilla marketing scheme planned to paste Murray's likenesses all over the city.

“I could get deeply philosophical about it, but when it comes down to brass tacks, Bill Murray is just plain fun,” Croft told SF Gate of the show. “He has an iconic place in my heart and  in the hearts of his fans. Murray, having played so many characters in a wide variety of movies, (including ‘Space Jam’?!)  has such a broad catalog of facets from which to choose. I think this gives artists a fun and fluid dynamic to work with.”

Croft is accepting Murray-themed art submissions until July 21. Tickets to "The Murray Affair" can be purchased here.

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