LA Is Getting a K-Pop Museum

Koreatown's newest addition.

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Your only reference to K-Pop is probably PSY's "Gangnam Style" or maybe the long-legged beauties of Girls' Generation—but let's me honest, you recognize their sexy outfits more than their songs. You have to admit, however, that the music is dangerously catchy, and the albums covers aren't bad either. Now the music invasion will have a home base in the US with a new museum devoted entirely to K-pop in LA's Koreatown neighborhood: the SMTOWN Musem.

The museum will give Americans a taste of hallyu (South Korean culture). "We’ve been planning for a long time to create a place where residents in Hollywood could experience hallyu," representatives from SM Entertainment, the record label behind most of the big-name K-pop groups (including Girls' Generation), told MWAVE, "but we decided that it was more meaningful to bring U.S. residents and tourists who were interested in hallyu to LA’s Koreatown.” 

SM Entertainment, the granddaddy of the music genre, announced their plans to build the SMTOWN Museum on August 7. The institution will include Korean music, fashion, videos, a restaurant, and a hologram room, which sounds futuristic and scary but also really awesome. This might be the first signs of the K-pop takeover, and we're onboard.

[via LA Times]

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