A Woman Dies After Getting "Back-Alley" Butt Injections in Queens

A Maryland woman has died after getting silicone butt injections from phony doctors.

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The obsession with big butts is pushing many women to extreme lengths—some are even resorting to “back-alley” procedures in an attempt to get a plumper ass with half the cost. We heard about the Los Angeles woman who became a multiple amputee following her butt procedure, as well as the Dallas mother who passed away after getting her buttocks injected with hydrogel.

Though these stories are extremely disturbing and tragic, they haven’t stopped others from risking their lives in an effort to get a larger backside. 

This week, a 34-year-old Maryland woman named Kelly Mayhew died after her butt lift procedure went horribly wrong, the NY Daily News reports.

On Saturday, Mayhew traveled to a basement office in Queens to get her sixth butt procedure—this time injections. The doctor, however, was a complete fraud, and after she began injecting the silicone, Mayhew began to gurgle and struggle to breathe.

Mayhew’s mother, who had accompanied her daughter to Queens, had immediately began to perform CPR on her, begging the “doctor” to call 911. But rather than make that call, the suspect quickly grabbed her keys and fled the scene. Paramedics tried to resuscitate Mayhew, but she unfortunately didn’t pull through.

“Following the examination, we are doing additional studies and also await the police investigation,” Julie Bolcer, spokeswoman for the city medical examiner’s office, told the NY Daily News.

Mayhew, who was a freelancer for the BET Networks, was known for bragging about her curves on social media. She also posted several images of women like Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé, whom had butts that Mayhew envied.

As of now, law enforcement is awaiting additional autopsy reports and are currently searching for the suspect who performed the procedure. 




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