Jacob & Co. Unveils Its $1.5 Million Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal Watch With 'Engine' Inside

The timepiece-maker reunited with Bugatti to deliver a watch that pays homage to the Chiron hyper sports car—specifically, its 16-cylinder engine.

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Jacob & Co. and Bugatti are back with another Chiron-inspired timepiece.

On Wednesday, the jewelry company and car manufacturer lifted the curtain on the Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal watch, a $1.5 million piece that pays homage to the highly coveted hyper sports car. Inside the watch is a fully operational miniature version of the Bugatti W16 engine. Though the movement powers the timing functions and a 60-second flying tourbillon, the automation can be utilized by pressing the right crown; when this is done, the mini “engine” is activated, causing its 16 pistons to pump and its two turbocharges to spin. 

The tonneau-shaped case is made completely out of sapphire crystal and is presented in a unique blue hue that was achieved through a mixture of minerals and metals. Though the case’s color is quite striking, it maintains enough transparency to showcase every detail of the JCAM37 manual wound caliber, including an inclined 30º tourbillon. The transparent case also provides a look at the 51 jewels that are used in the movement of the watch.

“At Jacob & Co., we are always developing luxury watches which no one else can imagine,” said Jacob & Co. CEO Benjamin Arabov in a statement. “With the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon timepiece, we have done something no one has ever even attempted before, create the world’s first true engine on the wrist.”

You can learn more about the Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal watch at Jacob & Co.’s official website

The companies kicked off their partnership back in 2019, and have since created a number of timepieces inspired by Buggatti models, such as the Twin Turbo Furious and the Epic X Chrono.

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