Wes Anderson, But With More Pocket Space


Yeah, I write about Sophnet a lot. So what, you "read" and watch a lot of adult websites and videos. I can’t help it that every time they get a new delivery I want to wear every piece. ERBODY GONNA BE CONTRASTING ONLY HALF THEY SLEEVES NOW. Also, did you peep the corduroy suit with cargo pocket trousers? WHAT?! Now you can be like Wes Anderson, only with more pocket space. You could hold all sorts of quirky accessories in there just like his characters. It’d be like a pink eraser, a rabbit’s foot and a fucked up copy of Catcher in the Rye. That way girls, like Wes Anderson’s audiences, will know that you are fun, endearing, weird and have a slightly tragic past that makes you have sad eyes when you laugh. Chicks dig that shit man. So get yourself a corduroy suit with cargo pockets.


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