Watch a Judge Hilariously Compliment Coolio's New Hairstyle During Sentencing in Court

Coolio's judge took a minute out of court to note the rapper's changing looks and pay him a compliment about his latest hairstyle.

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Coolio plead ​guilty to possession of a concealed weapon in court Wednesday after carrying a gun in his bag through LAX, according to TMZ. The rapper will not get any jail time after entering a guilty plea deal with the court and was instead sentenced to 3 years on probation and ordered to do 45 days of community service.

The most notable part of the whole thing might have been when the judge took a minute to seemingly compliment Coolio's new hairstyle. The judge mentioned that Coolio had stood in front of him before, referring to the rapper's arrest history, and noted how Coolio has changed since then. This is when the judge mentioned a quick compliment? quip? about the rapper's evolving look. "You're a little bit different. You've got a different little hairstlye going here than in the past, but it, you know, it suits you."

If you remember, Coolio was arrested and escorted out of the airport back in September after TSA found a loaded gun belonging to the rapper. According to the original report, one of Coolio's bodyguard tried to claim that the gun was his, but the police were able to determine that the gun definitely belonged to Coolio.

"A mistake was made, it was a misunderstanding. And I do not condone the use of firearms, legal or illegal. Thanks to the court and the attorneys handling this for me so I can still do the work that I do," Coolio told reporters outside the courtroom. The rapper did confess that he "was very worried," but said he felt confident about completing his probation without any problems. "I mean, I’m not involved in crime, I'm not into anything illegal. It should be easy."

The good news is if Coolio can stay out of any legal trouble during his probation, the charge can be reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor and be wiped from his record. You can watch everything the judge and Coolio had to say about the case above.

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