Victor Cruz Addresses His Style Haters

What do his teammates have to say about NY's newest fashion star?

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Victor Cruz is the most recent athlete to become the darling of New York's fashion set. Alongside fellow NY stars Amar'e Stoudemire, Henrik Lundqvist, and Carmelo Anthony, Cruz has become a constant presence at the fashion world's swanky galas and exclusive parties. Seeing him mug for the cameras on red carpets is becoming as familiar a sight as his Sunday salsa dancing. 

So what do his teammates think about it? "A lot of guys say 'Shut up about this fashion stuff,'" he said at a recent awards ceremony that honored industry-leading accessory designers.  As a self-proclaimed fashion geek, clothes are seemingly his locker room topic of choice. "I love looking good, I love feeling good in my clothes. So fashion is a big deal to me." He then goes on to state that fashion and football aren't as different as one may believe, a claim almost as improbable as the catches he's become known for. "As football players, if we look good while we're out there, we tend to play better and feel better about ourselves when we're on the field. The same goes with fashion, if you look good you have more of a sense of confidence in your step and you feel good when you're out and about." While we're sure that Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin would prefer that Cruz focus on YAC instead of YSL, at least we're all in agreement that the best possible accessory is another Vince Lombardi trophy.

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