A "Passenger Shaming" Instagram Account Reveals the Absurd Things People (Don't) Wear on Airplanes

These are the most absurd things people decide to wear while flying.

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Flying can do crazy things to people, and that extends over to what people decide to wear while getting from Point A to Point B via the friendly skies. An Instagram account called Passenger Shaming has taken it upon itself to hilariously document the insane things people decide to wear while traveling, as well as ridiculous behavior and other acts that deserve a public rebuking.

Back in the day, flying was a classy ordeal, especially since it was kind of a big deal to travel by air. Men wore sharply tailored suits, and women wore expensive dresses. Now, it's probably better to subscribe to a cozy boy mentality when you're locked in a metal tube for several hours. Sweatpants, a soft tee, a reliable hoodie, and your most comfortable sneakers make up a uniform that can take on any flight. But for some reason, that is beyond some passengers.


Some people feel the need to remove their shirts. Others can't control the urge to show off the goods in super tiny denim booty shorts. Some people decide to disembark without the wig they brought onto the aircraft. Other reprehensible behaviors include urinating in the plane's bathroom sink, people sticking their feet waayyy outside of their personal space, and simply being self-centered while sharing a limited amount of space with other people.


If you're a frequent flyer, you might have had to deal with sitting in the middle seat or having a crying baby near you, but the next time someone asks you, "How was your flight?" consider yourself lucky you don't have to explain how you sat next to an old shirtless man and someone's bare ass rubbed up on you when they walked down the aisle.





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