Welcome to 2014: Menswear Dog Is Crowdsourcing the Funding of His New Clothing Line

So, this is a thing that's happening.

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Remember Menswear Dog? Well, what you thought was a cute passing meme is continuing on, with your help, of course. The steeziest Shiba Inu, named Bodhi, along with married owners Dave Fung and Yena Kim, are following in the footsteps of a handful of other bloggers-turned-designers by launching a menswear line for dogs. So, dogswear? Biotchwear? 

The first MWD capsule collection will consist of a navy blazer, a white bib shirt, and a poplin bowtie, and the team is crowdsourcing the funding to get this initiative off the ground.

If you donate enough to help the trio reach their $20,000 goal, there are some unique perks that can come your way. Donating $200 will get you the full outfit, along with a signed poster and a T-shirt. Ramp it up to $300 and you are privileged enough to get a $300 playdate with Bohdi in Central Park. But for $500, you get all the merch possible plus the playdate. But if your heart is pure and you're not in it for the perks, then take note that MWD has partnered with the non-profit The Rescue Paw Foundation. For every MWD outfit sold, proceeds will go towards The Rescue Paw Foundation to help feed and shelter (and maybe clothe) a dog in need for a month.

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