Kanye West Chilled With Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy's Paris Fashion Week Show

After turning up at a Been Trill party last night.

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Kanye West took in the Givenchy show today at Paris Fashion Week, and met up with his friend Riccardo Tisci behind the scenes. Tisci put on a fall/winter 2014 show that was heavily inspired by the geometry and masculinity of basketball, and it seems like being the separate camps of Nike and adidas has not affected the friendship between Ye and Tisci. No surprise, as their friendship runs deep, and both know business is business and fam is fam.

Last night, Kanye West was spotted out getting turnt at a Been Trill party during Paris Fashion Week. Most people were interested in how this was the first time Kanye was seen after an incident in which he defended his finacee KimKardashian from a man hurling racial slurs at her. But those tuned-in to Yeezy's wardrobe noticed that he was rocking a Saint Laurent Paris Sumi Ink Club biker jacket...only a little different than the original. 

It looks like Kanye removed the black-and-white sleeves on the original and added his own touch. One sleeve has a "YEEZUS" print scrawled on it, and the other has a Wes Lang-esque grim reaper on the back, mirroring the art that was on the majority of the "Yeezus Tour" merch. In our opinion, it's a step up from the original (though the original didn't exactly set a high bar to reach). No word yet if this is truly a one of one, or if a version of it will become available when the "Yeezus Tour" starts up again on Feb. 13.

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