Drake Congratulated Kevin Hart on His Engagement and Asked Him "#KevWhatTheF*ckAreYouWearing"

This time, Drake was the one making us laugh.

Image via @ChampagnePapi

Usually, Kevin Hart is the one causing the laughs. This time, however, Drake provided a good amount of comedy while at the same time congratulating his comedian friend on Hart's proposal. Like any person living in 2014, Hart shared via Instagram a photo that informed everyone he and his girlfriend Eniko Parrish are now engaged. And while the ring is large, what may have distracted you from the rock is the Neil Barrett shirt Hart's wearing.

Drake certainly noticed, and in a re-Gram of Hart's original photo, along with an obligatory message of congrats, Drizzy made his doubts about Hart's sartorial choices with a flurry of hashtags. "#KevWhatTheFuckAreYouWearing #PleaseLetsDiscussYourSuitForTheBigDay #TooImportantToRiskIt #PowderPinkLinen" show exactly how Aubrey's feeling about Hart's alphet, and we'll have to wait until Hart and Parrish's wedding bells toll to see if Drake dresses the groom. If the groom and groomsmen really do go with powder pink linens, though? Legendary.

[via Instagram]

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