Online Ceramics Teams Up With A24 for 'Saint Maud' Graphic Tees

Online Ceramics and A24 join forces yet again to release exclusive graphic tees and a zine to go with the release of the horror film 'Saint Maud.'


Image via Publicist


A24 and Online Ceramics have teamed up once again to release unique T-shirts along with a zine to coincide with the release of the film company’s upcoming horror movie Saint Maud. The feature debut from writer-director Rose Glass is set to premiere Feb. 12.

As with Hereditary, Uncut Gems, and other films, Online Ceramics has worked with A24 to deliver a unique graphic tee that captures the essence of the movie, as well as a zine that intimately illustrates some of the central themes of Saint Maud. Both the A24-produced zine and the tees will be available to purchase on A24’s website for a retail price of $6 for the zine and $55 for the stained glass graphic tees.

Check out some shots of both pieces below.

saint maud
saint maud
saint maud zine 1
saint maud zine 2
saint maud zine 3
saint maud zine 4
saint maud zine 5
saint maud zine 6
saint maud zine 7
saint maud zine 8
saint maud zine 9
saint maud zine 10

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