Muji Is Helping People Live in Expensive Cities With This Vertical House Design

Minimalist design brand Muji is helping people find some comfort in pricey urban areas with this vertical house design.

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It's no coincidence that some of the world's most fashionable cities are also the most expensive, and it can be very tough to find comfortable living space without paying a fortune in a cultural hob like New York, Paris or Tokyo.  Fortunately the Japanese brand Muji, known for its practical, minimalist designs is tackling the problem and designing a three-story home that takes advantage of vertical space to let you live in style without going bankrupt. 

Of course you'll have to be very comfortable with your roommates or pets since there are no internal walls or doors, but this gives the whole setup an open feeling, and makes everythign seem larger then it is.

This prototype design is in Tokyo and there's no word on when this might come to the rest of the world but you can shop Muji's minimalist and functional designs in its online store.


[via Hypebeast]

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