Everyone Is Doing It, So Versace Just Dropped Its Own Set of Emojis

Your favorite emojis get a designer update.

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Versace wants to give your digital language some style with a new set of designer emojis. Following Donatella Versace's recent collection of emoji-inspired womenswear, the designer has decided to get like Kim Kardashian (and several others) and launch a Versace app full of the Italian fashion house's iconic imagery, but with a twist.

The new emoticons feature a take on Versace's logo, which replaces the Medusa head with popular emojis like the kissing and dizzy face. It also has a selection of clothing items like a graphic tee and pair of jeans. Unfortunately, there is no sign of Cam Newton's infamous pants, but there is a woman wearing what appears to be Jennifer Lopez's famous green dress. Unlike other emoji apps that are added to your keyboard, this one is more like a set of stickers you can add to your selfies and other photos.

In addition to the app, Versace released a capsule collection of tees featuring the new graphics called #VersaceSharesLove. Each emoji emblazoned shirt will put you back at least $700. Fortunately, Versace Emoji is available for free in the App Store and the Google Play Store. 

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