Selfie Sticks Are Now Banned in Rome

Rome bans selfie stick after U.S. tourists carve intials into the Colosseum.

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It looks like Rome is following New York City's lead in banning the selfie stick. Last week, two United States tourists were arrested after their tour group ratted them out for using a coin to carve their initials into the wall of the Colosseum. They might have gotten away with it, if they hadn't used a selfie stick to snap a picture of themselves in front of the defaced landmark. Now, no one visiting the Colosseum can use the obnoxious device. 

The Palace of Versailles in Paris and the National Gallery in London have also stopped allowing guests to use the stick. The reasoning they provided was similar to what first pushed New York Museums like the MOMA to forbid the stick, saying that it takes up too much space and could potentially damage the art or the visitors. Luckily, for people who feel the need to capture selfies in front of invaluable art work, the human arm is still allowed.

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