Fear of God’s Jerry Lorenzo Talks Offbeat Inspiration Behind Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ Merch

The Fear of God Designer also shares how his partnership with Justin Bieber started.

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Fear of God's Jerry Lorenzo was a key player in creating the aesthetic behind Justin Bieber's Purpose world tour. The designer created five custom looks for Bieber to wear on stage and also helped design the vintage-inspired tour merch. In an interview with VFILES, where Bieber recently hosted his "Purpose Tour" pop-up shop, Lorenzo explains how they first came together and the inspiration behind the merch. 

Lorenzo said that the concept behind the collaboration was the "perfect marriage of Kurt Cobain and Allen Iverson." He wanted to explore what the fusion of grunge and hip-hop would look like in 2016. "This pedestrian everyday swag, but how do you put that on level 10?" he said about his idea. According to the designer, he picked out several outfits for Bieber and he adjusted them to fit his personal style.

"I feel like Justin is very much like myself," Lorenzo says about connecting with the singer. "Although I am a lot older than, my background is mixed. I've got some black and some hip-hop in me, I've got some white and grunge—if that's what you want to call that— mixed in with my foundation which is Jesus Christ and Christianity and that's Fear of God. I feel like Justin had these same three things...so it was easy for him to like the brand."

Bieber was rocking FOG's oversized flannels and ripped denim long before the two began collaborating on the tour. Lorenzo previously told GQ that the singer was a "great example of what Fear of God can do for one’s style." So, the partnership between them seemed like a logical next step.

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