Gunna Says There Was a 'RiRi' Effect After Rihanna Dressed as Him for Halloween: 'OK Rocky, I See What's Happening'

In an interview with Hot 97, Gunna discussed Rihanna's Halloween costume, the free store he put in his former middle school, his 'DS4Ever' album, and more.

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Gunna has had some major moments in recent months, with Rihanna dressing like him for Halloween surely being towards the top of the list.

Back in October, Rihanna recreated a look that Gunna wore for New York Fashion Week—and one that he got clowned for. But getting the nod from RiRi was a prized occasion, which Gunna spoke about in an interview with Hot 97.

“That day, I got so many calls—oh this that RiRi effect. That RiRI effect different. Okay Rocky, I see what’s happening. I see what’s happening Rocky, ok say less,” Gunna said, describing how he decided to go all out for NYFW because he wanted to “stand out.” Gunna’s look boasted tall Rick Owens boots, a sheer long-sleeve sweater, shorts, sunglasses, chains, and a leather vest, with Rihanna bodying the outfit—and poses—flawlessly.

Elsewhere, Gunna discussed the free grocery and clothing store that he opened in his former middle school back in September. He said that he wanted to do a back-to-school giveaway for the kids, but he was going to be out of town. So he asked his manager to find out what he could do.

“She’s like, ‘They actually say you can come in here and put whatever you want in here. If you want to put food, a refrigerator.’ I’m like, ‘For real?’ She’s like, ‘Yes they’ll let you do anything you want.’ Let’s put everything in there. Food, clothes, toiletries—everything they need,” Gunna said.

Since its release, DS4Ever has climbed to the top of the Billboard 200 chart, with him telling Hot 97 that his latest offering is his best yet. He also told the radio station that he and Young Thug are going to release a joint project: “We got too much music. I told him like, ‘Bro, we gotta release.’”

Thugger thinks very highly of Gunna and their fellow Atlanta native, Lil Baby. At the top of the year, Thug said the three are the “top” rappers right now in an Instagram post, to which Gunna told Hot 97, “He said what he said. I don’t even like care that much because I know what I am.”

Watch Gunna’s full interview—where he also discusses his acting career and touches on how Alex the pilot isn’t P—up top.

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