Balmain's Olivier Rousteing Calls Kanye West a 'God'

Balimain's Olivier Rousteing catches up with "Hypebeast" to discuss the diversity in fashion and why he admires Kanye West.

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Everyone knows that Olivier Rousteing thinks pretty highly of Kanye West.

Just look at all the love he’s shown Ye over the years: giving him a Balmain campaign, crediting him as a source of inspiration, and, most recently, classifying him as a “f***ing god.”

The compliment was given during a Hypebeast interview, in which the Balmain creative director discussed whom he respected in the fashion world.

“If I think about someone who I love and respect for their vision and brand, I’d have to say Kanye West,” Rousteing explained. “I love Yeezy. I wear Yeezy. You know what I love about him? It’s that he can create so much tension and power at the same time. It’s insane!”

Rousteing went on to talk about his experience at the Yeezy Season 3 show at Madison Square Garden earlier this year. He said the event itself  was every designer’s “dream,” as the mix of music, clothing, and people created an energy unlike anything he’s seen before.

“[J]ust imagine having all of these people and TVs around your show. You have like Anna Wintour, and at the same time you have Lil’ Kim, you have 50 Cent and you have Kim K,” Rousteing said. “You sit back and you’re just like, ‘you are a f***ing god because you made this happen.'”

We’re sure positive Kanye agrees

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