The Real Story About That Woman Who's Allegedly in a Coma After Her Butt Implants Exploded

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble.

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From the ass to the story, there is nothing real about the woman who's in a coma after her butt implants exploded, ThatsFake reports. A number of outlets, including Thought Catalog, Cosmopolitanand even an NBC News affiliate in San Antonio, started reporting that a woman, Serena Beuford, was in a coma after her butt implants exploded at the gym. 

The colorful story from fake news site NewsWatch33 came complete with witness testimony from a fictional woman named Jewel that is hilarious now that we know it's not real. "I heard a loud popping noise followed by the woman falling to the floor," NewsWatch33 wrote. "She was screaming my ass is gone!!!" The site also imagined that Beuford had a sister who was concerned about her sibling's many butt injections and spun a story about a plastic-surgery obsessed woman who wanted to be Instagram famous. 

The story was proven to be a hoax by ThatsFake, which points out that the woman seen in the photos are actually taken from the social media accounts of Elnaz1985, a self-proclaimed "mega huge fake booty" model. Also, the photos that NewsWatch33 claim are from Planet Fitness' downtown Boston location are actually from the Planet Fitness in New Haven, Connecticut.

The news outlets that reported this as fact shouldn't feel too bad, though. NewsWatch33 tricked practically the entire Internet when it reported that Beyoncé and Jay Z were buying the rights to the Confederate Flag last week.  

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