Jaden Smith Explains His DIY Style as Refusing to Be a "Slave to Money"

Will Smith explains Jaden's personal style in a new interview.

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Jaden Smith has dived into his fashion preferences before in his highly philosophical interview with The New York Times.  He told the publication, "We [referring to his sister, Willow, and himself] both don’t really care. I like to wear things that I make." Jaden's father, Will Smith, has gone into more detail about Jaden's style preferences in an interview with Esquire.

"He has refused to be a slave to money," Will told Esquire. Will divulged that Jaden only owns one pair of shoes, "three pair of pants, and he has five shirts." He's forgot to mention the white Batman costume Jaden wore to Kanye's wedding, but we digress. Here's what Will had to say about Jaden's minimalist tendencies:

"Total. He has refused to be a slave to money. I so respect that. The younger generation is less of an ownership generation, anyway. And it's such an interesting thing to watch, because I came from a middle-class background, but, you know, our lights and gas would be cut off from not paying the bill. I grew up in a house where you would need the kerosene heaters in the winter in case the bills didn't get paid. And he's from the complete other end of the spectrum. And it's so interesting to me that from growing up in that space, he could see the need for things in a way that he's rejecting. He's like, 'I'm not gonna let myself need things in that way'—but I would like him to get another pair of shoes."

Seems like someone listened to Kanye's "New Slaves." 





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