Supreme Is Reportedly Implementing a New List System for Drops

Supreme is reportedly changing the way it handles its Thursday drops with a new list system.

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Supreme is apparently changing the way it handles its infamous and typically hectic Thursday drops. The first release of the fall/winter 2016 season is taking place tomorrow, and fans are already lining up. One of those fans is Reddit user PlayboyDan666, who wrote that Supreme has put together a list system that assigns customers numbers.

In the new system, customers give their names to security, who in exchange tell them a time and location to show up. "It's very organized, we have been given a location and time to arrive," PlayboyDan666 wrote. "The security was extremely polite but also reminded us that we need to keep it as chill as possible." The Reddit user noted that Supreme is adding a warning system as well. The first warning is essentially a slap on the wrist, but the second warning will get you banned for life.

Should this play out well and not, as some on Reddit have suggested, a way to make life easier for people with considerable influence and/or connections, it should be a welcome change for the average customer. At the very least, this should discourage people from sleeping on the pavement overnight for the most desired drops. Things have gotten so chaotic at previous Supreme drops, police forced the retailer to cancel certain releases. 

Complex's calls to Supreme's New York location were not returned. 

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