Ian Connor Gets Into Twitter Fight With Woman Accusing Him of Rape

Ian Connor got into a heated fight on Twitter with one of the six women accusing him of rape.

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Celebrity stylist and model Ian Connor took to Twitter to refute the multiple rape allegations against him on Friday. He engaged in heated a Twitter exchange with Jenni Stampley, 19, one of the six women who claim Connor sexually assaulted them.

The tweets appear to include his private correspondence with Stampley. Connor also tweeted that he has "text and video proof" refuting her allegations. 

"I do have video proof and texts that @Thelifeofmalij [Stampley] Lied about her rape accusations today for attention," Connor told Complex via Twitter DM. "Because I didn't pay her money nor did I text her back"

"She even put up a video of her supposedly having sex with me to gain my attention, which I also paid no mind."

Stampley responded to Connor in a series of tweets on her account:

Stampley also commented on Connor's tweets in an email to Complex on Friday:

Yes. He's taking things out of context. I asked him to pay me back for cigarettes I bought him before I got there and he told me he'd uber me when I got back in Chicago, also my ex posted that screenshot Ian put up off my account weeks ago, after I had already come forward with the rape. I was confused and didn't think I had been raped for a long time. I thought that the rape was cancelled or something because I had consensual sex after and still contacted him. But I looked it up and talked to a counselor and that's not true, it was still rape. I can see Ian is scared, and he won't intimidate me with any form of harassment. The charges I've filed aren't going away.

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