Forever 21 Under Fire for Making "Harmful" Boys' T-Shirts With Phrases Like "I Only Date Models"

Some say Forever 21's new T-shirts for boys have messaging that reinforces "harmful stereotypes."

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Forever 21 is in trouble for selling T-shirts that reinforce "harmful stereotypes" to young boys, according to a new report. The T-shirts, which have phrases like "Sorry Ladies I Only Date Models" or "Chicks Are All Over Me," are targeted to children as young as 5 years old. 

"It is completely inappropriate for companies to sell those shirts to young boys,” Christia Spears Brown, University of Kentucky professor of psychology and author of Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue: How to Raise Your Kids Free of Gender Stereotypes, Christia Spears Brown told Yahoo! Style. "“It sexualizes children at an age when they should not be sexualized. It reinforces a harmful stereotype about boys that says their value and worth is dependent on how many girls or women they can ‘conquer.’" 

Other Forever 21 T-shirts that have people up in arms include ones that read "Ladies Man" or "Hola Ladies." Previously, the company was criticized for selling a sexist T-shirt targeted to girls that said, "Allergic to Algebra." In addition, Forever 21 has been called out for copying designers on multiple occasions

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