Swizz Beatz Is Now on the Brooklyn Museum Board

The hip-hop producer and art aficionado is now on The Brooklyn Museum's board of trustees.

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Esteemed hip-hop producer and avid art collector Swizz Beatz was recently recruited to the board of trustees at The Brooklyn Museum. 

While his musical repertoire is indisputably impressive, his contributions to the art world are equally as passionate. In addition to being the proud owner of Swoon and KAWS originals (part of his personal assemblage he calls “The Dean Collection”), he’s also done street art collaborations with Marcelo Eco and painted on car hoods for Jay Z. Swizz coined and leads #ArtLife, a social media community that encourages to embrace of the creative lifestyle, and he's involved in various initiatives that work with emerging artists.

He told Washington Square Journal, “I want to be able to pull out my global Rolodex,” to connect the museum with broader audiences and take “art to the next level.” His ties with brands like Reebok and Christian Louboutin will certainly come in handy.


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