PROMO: G-SHOCK Brings Back its Heritage DW6900 Series

22 years after its initial release, the classic timepiece is as relevant as ever.

Since it was founded in 1983, G-SHOCK has created a collection of beloved timepieces that are—no pun intended—timeless. Case and point: The DW6900 series, which was first introduced in 1996 and is now releasing again with a fresh take on the classic silhouette.

The original DW6900 hearkens back to the days of G-SHOCK’s practical, “no-nonsense” styling. Meanwhile, the new DW6900LU—the reissue—takes the series’ most iconic elements and combines them with several exciting, contemporary features.

Aesthetically, those include a round case; a “three-eyed” face protected by mineral glass; bi-color matte finish bands boasting different designs on the interior and exterior surfaces; a resin case; and bezel material. The timepiece comes in a selection of updated colors.

The DW6900’s structure of shock resistance and 200-meter water resistance remain staples of the series, and can be found in the DW6900LU. Also included are an Illuminator electro-luminescent backlight, a stopwatch that measures elapsed time to one-hundredth of a second, a countdown timer, a multi-function alarm, and an auto calendar that stretches all the way to 2099.

You can get a closer look at G-SHOCK’s newly reimagined DW6900LU in the video above, and for more information, be sure to click here.

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